EQUISPA hoof bell with slit

Consisting of:

✔️ 1 EQUISPA hoof bell with sewn-in slit
for moor carrier
✔️ 1 EQUISPA moor carrier 

✔️ Colors: black/beige, navy/green and navy/pink
✔️ Options:: For horse or pony, 2 different sizes

✔️ 100 % Organic cottonhand-sewn
✔️ Inner material made of special Terry cloth with extra large loops

Our hoof bells expand our program in the field of rehabilitation and prevention, as they can be used, cold, warm, , dry and wet (as a moisturizer).

As always, the outer material is made of our proven certified organic cotton and the inner material is made of a special terry cloth with extra large loops. In addition, we have of course maintained our proven pocket system in the manufacture, so that you can use the hoof bells for heat and cold therapy.

In the ❄️ cold therapy they have already proven themselves in acute laminitis, arthritis and heel bulb laceration, as well as in the sports area after heavy use.

In 🔥 heat therapy they are used for arthrosis and they are particularly interesting for our therapists, as they are very well suited for the preparation for leech therapy.